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Prosthetic Leg Below the Knee

What Is A Trans-Femoral Prosthesis?

Before Oscar Pistorius became the focal point of a murder mystery, the double amputee was renowned internationally for competing in the London 2012 Summer Olympics games with prosthetic legs. In medicine, prosthetics are designed to help individuals with missing body parts attain a normal life. Artificial legs assist patients to boost their self-esteem and confidence levels. Continue reading

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Enhanced Upper Extremity Prosthetic Options and How They Help

According to, a prosthetic is a device, either external or implanted, that substitutes for or supplements a missing or defective part of the body.” They are used in both medical and dental offices, and the technology is expanding on prosthetics often. They are constantly coming up with new, better and improved devices that feel more like the limb, or part that it is replacing. Prosthetics in Memphis, TN, are improving substantially. Whether it be an arm or leg, technological advancements have created a limb that is very similar to the real thing. An incredible discovery that is continually developing in technology is the robotic prosthetic. This battery powered limb connects to the nervous or muscular systems of the brain, which then sends the signals that would have gone to the limb to its replacement. With the robotic prosthetic, they are continually discovering ways to teach the prosthetic to move in the way the normal body moves. Below are the top 5 upper extremity prosthetic options available, most of which are robotic.

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Prosthetic Hand

How Do Robotic Prostheses Work?

A prosthesis, or a prosthetic limb, is an apparatus that replaces a missing limb. You might run across any number of different kinds of prosthetics, but the most advanced by far is a robotic prosthetic. A far cry from the wooden or metal hands used in bygone eras, robotic prosthetics are mechanical limbs that the user controls with microprocessors and nerve impulses. Here we have a brief overview of what you can find while looking at prosthetics in Memphis. Continue reading

Artificial Arms and Legs

3 Benefits Of Cosmetic Prosthesis

In a lifetime, we try our hardest to stay healthy, exercise, and be safe. Sometimes there are things that happen to us that are completely out of our control. There are many individuals who find themselves living a normal everyday life and then a tragedy happens to them. It’s common that these accidents result in a lost limb of some sort. Due to modern technology, there are options for people to be able to continue on and live a normal everyday life. Of course, there will be occasions that will be a struggle, but over time it will get better and become easier to adapt. Because of these technological advances, there are a great number of benefits to prosthetics in Memphis, TN. Continue reading

prosthetic foot

How to Maintain Your Leg Prosthetic

Prosthetics are wonderful additions for people who have lost a limb, were born without a limb, or who had to have an amputation because of an illness. With so many new technologies available for prosthetic wearers, the world of prosthetics, and what will make you feel comfortable in your own skin once again, has advanced immensely. But, with so many new options available, one thing has remained the same: the need to constantly clean your prosthetic. Because your prosthetic is attached to your leg or arm for most of the day, it is exposed to a lot of bacteria, and can become quite dirty. It’s necessary to clean it daily, and to wash it well. Because of its close contact with your residual limb, any bacteria on your prosthetic can cause a serious infection if daily washes aren’t done. Follow these few ideas to care for your prosthetic, and you can avoid a painful infection and a consequent trip to the doctor. Continue reading

Artificial Leg Below Knee

What Is an Orthopaedic Brace?

When most people hear about “orthotics,” their mind probably jumps to shoe inserts that help support the feet. Orthotics is actually much broader than just shoe inserts. Orthotics is a medical specialty that designs, manufactures, and applies orthoses to individuals. An orthoses is any external device that seeks to modify the structure and function of the skeletal and neuromuscular system of the body. At Human Technology Prosthetics & Orthotics, we understand the wide array of orthotics in Memphis. An orthopaedic brace is one of the most commonly used orthoses. Continue reading

Artificial Limb Prosthesis

Human Technology Prosthetics & Orthotics Cares. Let Us Help You!

We know how hard it can be to go through the process of finding and adjusting to a prosthetic. At Human Technology Prosthetics & Orthotics, we want to make sure you get the right prosthetics in Memphis, TN. Part of this process is staying informed, beginning with an understanding of the reasons you should consider getting a prosthetic in the first place. Here are 4 ways in which a quality prosthetic with a good fit can make a difference in your life. Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between Orthotics and Prosthetics

Two views of prosthetic legs isolated on whiteThere are many reasons why people might require assistive devices such as orthotics & prosthetics. If you are new to these devices, there are some things that you should know, particularly surrounding the difference between the two. The major difference between orthotics and prosthetics is that while an orthotic device is used to enhance a person’s limb, a prosthetic device is used to replace a limb entirely.

Orthotics Defined

Orthoses refer to the devices used to correct or enhance the use of part of your body. Orthotics are commonly prescribed by orthotists and prosthetists to people who have difficulty using their arms or legs due to deficiencies or deformities in a person’s body. Orthotic devices provide comfort and healing to the limb by reducing shock, and decrease inflammation and swelling.

Prosthetics Defined

A prosthesis is an artificial limb prescribed by a prosthetist to replace a limb on a person’s body. Advanced technology has made it possible for people who are absent any of their limbs to continue life as they usually would. Most patients who require prosthetic devices typically need them as a result of injury or a birth defect, although certain conditions such as diabetes can increase a person’s likelihood of losing a limb and requiring a prosthetic device.

What Are Each Used For?

Both are often prescribed to patients who suffer from similar conditions. For example, people who have diabetes will often require the use of orthotics at some point in their life due to complications related to this condition. There are many times, however, when despite the person’s best efforts, their foot needs to be amputated, and they will be prescribed a prosthetic device.

When to Call a Professional

If you find that you are losing sensation in any of your limbs, contact a professional orthotist or prosthetist about your options. In many cases, certain conditions are aggravated by long hours of standing or walking. If you continue to work or behave as you normally would without seeing a professional, conditions are likely to continue to get worse and you may even require a prosthetic device. It is best to make sure that you take care of the problem as soon as you can.