Bionic Leg & Hand

Bionic Leg & Hand

Prosthetic technology is ever evolving with new innovations coming at a rapid rate. All this is happening in order to provide the perfect prosthetic limb that can perform near natural movements which mimic a natural limb. To make a prosthesis which is near perfect and works like a natural limb is what the prosthetic limbs industry is trying to achieve and that is also reflected with every new prosthetic innovation which is coming about. Bionic is the leading technology which is taking prosthetic limb experience closer to the level of a natural limb. This technology combines advanced robotic along with biotechnology and electronics to make the prosthetic limbs which are closer to the movements and actions of a bio limb. Through constant innovations and advanced research, a bionic leg or hand can help people to perform things that were not possible lately with usual prosthetic limbs based on mechanical platform or other similar technologies. Meaning, a bionic limb is capable to achieve far more than an ordinary prosthetic limb. To certain extents, it can even mimic the movements of a natural limb to almost perfection.

A bionic limb works with a simple idea in your brain which asks you that something needs to be done, it could be any work. A thought like this produces electric signal in your brain which goes to the part where action needs to take place. This electric signal directs/coordinates with the wireless transmitters implanted in the muscles to help in moving the limb in a desired direction to achieve a near natural movement for the limb. This entire process happens automatically resulting in a perfect coordination to make things happen for you. For instance, a bionic hand uses the muscle around the residual part as well as nearby muscles of chest to perform certain actions which help to bring about the near natural movement for your prosthetic hand.

Human Technology Inc. is a leading prosthetic technology organization providing high quality bionic hand which functions and performs almost like your natural hand and helps you to perform complex and subtle movements and functions which are not possible with usual prosthetic hand. Similarly, a bionic leg perform the way you desire it to perform and thus giving you a highly improved walk and balance to perform certain tasks to your satisfaction.

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