C-Leg 4

C-Leg 4 Above Knee Prosthetic Leg

In prosthetic terms, an amputation above the knee is called transfemoral amputation. It requires a prosthesis which can fit to the residual body to provide individuals with a much required balance and support. When it comes to fitment, one of the most significant parts of your leg is the knee area. It is here the movement happens in the form of bending and lifting which helps you in walking and standing. Being this important, it requires right fit prosthesis which can help individuals to work with freedom and it is what a C-Leg 4 does. It is a popular choice for amputees who have AKA (Above Knee Amputation). It is also one of the most advanced microprocessor based prosthetic limbs to provide stability and control.  It uses the highly advanced and sophisticated gyroscope sensors which help to adjust your steps and provide you with the right balance and stability to minimize tripping or falling while treading on various surfaces. Thus, this prosthetic leg is able to provide you with almost the same amount of balance in various terrains like your natural leg does.

Because of its highly advanced technology, it is easy to use and fit it since it comes with a dynamic fitment technology and the reason why it is highly popular among the individuals seeking a microprocessor based prosthetic limb for above knee area (AKA). This prosthesis surely provides you the independence that your amputation tried to snatch from you. With this high quality and one of the most innovative prosthetic limbs, you can live your life with much more independence and enjoy its every bit.

Human Technology Inc. is the leading provider of highly advanced microprocessor based C-Leg 4 above knee prosthetic leg which provides you with greater stability and control in order to give you the freedom that individuals all over the world cherish and enjoy because of its smooth working technology ensuring a highly confident and happy life.

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