Micro processor knee

Micro Processor Knee

The struggle for any individual with an amputated limb continues even after they have found a perfect fit prosthetic limb which is based on a mechanical control. This type of prosthetic limb provides an individual with the ease of movement to carry out routine tasks with some efforts and coordination which may be required depending upon the situations. To an extent, it does give an individual some sort of satisfaction that they are now able to perform few routine tasks which they could not have performed without the help of such a prosthetic limb. But at some point they do feel the amount of struggle that is there especially when they need to bend or move the limb in difficult angles where a prosthesis based on mechanical pattern may not be the ideal choice to carry through because of its peculiar construction which makes it impossible to move it as freely as one can. Also, it being a mechanical device, it has been designed to assist you to perform certain tasks and not to replicate your natural limb in anyway.
To perform more complex movements which are aligned with some of the natural movements of a limb, and which are almost not possible with a mechanical prosthesis, a microprocessor based artificial limb is surely a great choice. This limb works on small electric signals which are generated on muscles contraction and measured by the electrodes placed on the surface of the skin, and with the help of a microprocessor chip fitted to the prosthetic limb, the near natural movement of the limb is achieved. This helps individual to do various tasks effortlessly, even some of those tasks which were almost impossible with a mechanical prosthetic limb are now very much possible with a microprocessor limb. This makes a microprocessor limb a leap forward innovation in the field of prosthetic technology.
Some of the best uses of microprocessor limbs are when a limb has to perform complex movements. For example, a microprocessor knee is a great help as it provides individuals with near natural movement in conditions where lots of lifting and bending of the leg is required. This is particularly helpful for individuals on stairs, ramps and uneven surfaces where a lot of bending of the leg is required. The same goes for micro processor hand which makes it possible for any individual to come up with almost natural gestures and functions such as lifting, picking and holding and thus making it easy to perform some of these functions smoothly. Similarly, a microprocessor foot takes walking to an all new level where it is able to detect the surfaces for slopes etc. and makes required adjustments for more stable movement.
A microprocessor knee provides an individual with a balanced and controlled movement for walk especially when they need to lift and bend their knee. It provides you with the right swing and angles to walk with stability which is required while walking on different surfaces where terrains are uneven or you need to climb on to something. This knee is well supported by a microprocessor foot which uses a highly sophisticated technology to detect the surface below to provide an individual with the right control to make for a perfect landing with their foot on the ground.  While the right balance and control to the upper body is well supported with a microprocessor hand which gives you the perfect coordination and balance to those little important day to day things for a confident and happy life.
Human Technology Inc. is renowned for its highly advanced microprocessor limbs for both upper and lower proximity which help individuals around the world to achieve stability and near natural movements with their limbs for a highly satisfied life which is full of confidence and lots of activities which get done effortlessly in a more natural way.

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