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KAFOs consist of an AFO with metal uprights, a mechanical knee joint, and 2 thigh bands. KAFO can be used in quadriceps paralysis or weakness to maintain knee stability and control flexible genu valgum or varum. KAFO also is used to limit the weight bearing of the thigh, leg, and foot with quadrilateral or ischial containment brim. A KAFO is more difficult to don and doff than an AFO, so it is not recommended for patients who have moderate-to-severe cognitive dysfunction.

This orthosis can be made of metal-leather and metal-plastic or plastic and plastic-metal. The metal design includes double upright metal KAFO (most common), single upright metal KAFO (lateral upright only), and Scott-Craig metal KAFO. The plastic designs are indicated for closer fit and maximum control of the foot, including supracondylar plastic KAFO, supracondylar plastic-metal KAFO, and plastic shells with metal uprights KAFO.

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