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RGO/Reciprocal Gait Orthosis

Reciprocating Gait Orthosis

The Reciprocating Gait Orthosis or RGO is the most frequently used brace for the ambulatory needs of a paralyzed child or adult. RGO braces provide excellent walking function as compared to other devices. Hands-free standing and the use of the orthosis counteracts the tendency for hip contractures. With every step, as one leg flexes, the other leg must extend and thereby stretch out the hip contracting structures. Agile patients can be fitted as early as 18 months of age, giving them a better chance for walking and standing and therefore enjoying earlier the physiological, skeletal and psychological benefits of being upright.

The device is ideally suited for patients with spina bifida, traumatic paraplegia, muscular dystrophy, and osteogenisis imperfecta.

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