Man running with a leg from our prosthetic services in Union City, TN

Prosthetic Products

Prosthetic Products

Microprocessor Controlled Knees

  • Genium Knee

  • Plie’2 MPC Knee

  • Rheo Microprocessor Knee

Microprocessor Controlled Foot

  • Proprio Foot

Carbon Fiber Dynamic Response Feet

  • Renegade Foot

  • Ceterus (N.F)

  • Trustep Foot

  • Soleus Foot

  • Echelon Foot

Adjustable Heel Height

  • Runway

  • Elation

Vacuum Suction Socket Designs Components

  • Harmony

  • Limb Logic

  • E-Pulse

Innovative Above-Knee and Below-Knee Design Sockets

  • Ischial Containment Socket

  • Total Contact Socket

Custom Liner

  • Custom Liner Technology

Partial Foot Silicone Prosthesis

  • Partial Foot

Waterproof/Shower Prosthesis

  • Swimming

  • Water Proof

  • Slalom Ski Foot

  • Shower Leg

Running foot

  • Flex Sprint

  • Cheetah®

Myo-Electric Hand/Hook

  • I Limb

  • Be-Bionic Hand

  • ETD

Myo-Electric Elbow

  • Utah Arm/Elbow(U3 Plus)

  • Dynamic Arm®

  • Boston Elbow

Innovative Above-Elbow Below-Elbow Sockets

Partial Hand Prosthesis

  • Pro Digit Fingers

  • X-Fingers

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prosthetic leg below the knee
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