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Ceterus New-Flex Foot

Ossur, a worldwide leading supplier of prosthetic devices, announced the introduction of the LP Ceterus, the newest addition to the Flex-Foot low profile product line. The LP Ceterus is the ideal foot for amputees who seek advanced features, but require a low build height.

“The LP Ceterus is a low profile option that delivers all of the most desirable benefits: rotation, effective shock absorption and exceptional energy return,” says Bob Seth, Ossur’s North America Product Manager. “We received numerous requests for a low profile design from prosthetists who were unable to use the standard version of the Ceterus due to clearance issues. Now there is no need to compromise because these features are available in one integrated design,” he added.

The LP Ceterus also incorporates many advantages of the original Flex-Foot, such as:

  • Proportional Response – providing maximum efficiency for each weight/impact level
  • CarbonX® Active Heel – providing shock absorption, reducing stress and returning energy
  • Full-Length Toe Lever – ensuring equal stride length
  • Split-Toe Design – compensating for uneven terrain

Ossur introduces low profile ceterus.

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