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Elan Foot

Elan mimics natural muscle resistance and ankle motion by adapting hydraulic resistance levels to optimize stability when standing, on slopes and uneven terrain. This encourages more symmetrical limb loading, faster walking speed and reduced compensatory movements. The ankle pivot point is optimally positioned close to the natural weight line for a more natural response through the gait cycle.

The result is smoother, safer and more natural walking, helping to preserve the body for the long term.


  • Microprocessor controlled self-aligning plantar flexion and dorsiflexion
  • Standing support mode increases resistance when stationary to help improve balance, stability, reduce effort and encourage a more natural posture
  • Variable response to speed changes
  • Increased plantar flexion resistance allows for more energy storage and return when walking quickly or up slopes
  • Ankle remains dorsiflexed during swing phase to increase toe clearance and reduce risk of trips and falls
  • Batteries contained within ankle
  • Increased dorsiflexion resistance provides a brake when walking down slopes for improved safety and stability
  • Sandal Toe Footshell


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