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Ischial containment Socket

We match patient’s activity level, residual limb conditions and shape with appropriate socket designs to attain maximum comfort and Prosthetic control.

[Ischial Containment Socket]

Transfemoral(Above-Knee) Ischial Socket

Our socket design does not impinge on the pelvis when the hip is moved because it has lower edges than typical transfemoral sockets.

Flexible Socket

The socket is as flexible as possible, allowing muscles to move comfortably within the socket as they contract during activity and to improve comfort during sitting.

Vacuum Assist Suspension System (VASS)

The socket is held securely to the leg by suction from a vacuum pump, which makes for a firmer connection between the residual limb and prosthesis.

Increased comfort, hip range of motion, and connectivity between the residual limb and prosthesis results in better functional performance for individual.

Other socket designs

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» Suction Socket
» Shuttle Lock (3-S) System
» Double Wall PTB Design Socket

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