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Utah Arm/ Elbow (U3 Plus)

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Myo-electric elbow

Utah arm/Elbow(U3 Plus)

The sturdy U3 Arm provides sensitive and precise electronic control of both Hand and Elbow (simultaneously), and optional Wrist Rotation.


For new patients, the i-LIMB hand offers a prosthetic solution that has never before been available.

  • Pulsing Grip Strength
  • Automated Grip Patterns
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Prosthetist & User
  • Robust Design Features
  • Dual Lock – silent friction lock, with high-strength automatic Lock Pin
  • Wired or Bluetooth wireless communication for fine-tuning
  • Choices for hand & grippers are unmatched – ETD, i-LIMB: all with Flexion Wrist
  • Silent Freeswing saves energy while creating natural swing

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