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  • 3WR95 Aqua knee includes a convenient manual for added stability. The lock can be quickly engaged/disengaged by accessing a lever located on the proximal portion of the knee joint. The knee also has holes on the distal portion so it can be cleaned and flushed after use.
  • The 1WR95* foot is sealed on the top against water and includes a plug on the bottom. The foot’s sole includes treads for extra traction in slippery areas. Users will also appreciate the foot’s split toe design to accommodate flip-flops.
  • A variety of modified structural components have been developed specifically for use with this waterproof system. The components include two 34 mm pylons (one angled 6°) and a tube clamp that have built-in grooves to allow users to flush and clean the components. Other waterproof components include four-prong adapters (with pyramid and with pyramid receiver). The components use galvanized set screws to avoid corrosion.

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