Lower Limb Prosthesis

Why Human Technology?

Why Human Technology?

Here is how we have been able to set ourselves apart

World Class Practitioners
Our partner practitioners have been internationally recognized for their work. They are trained in modern/advanced techniques and go through extensive training each year.

No-cost evaluation/consultation

Our practitioners do free evaluation/consultation. They have proven to be a great way for patients to learn about different options available to them without having to commit or spend any kind of money.

Access to Practitioners

Human Technology can quickly and easily direct patients to qualified practitioners well suited to deliver superior care-tailored to their needs.

Multiple Locations
With 3 different locations we strive to bring the utmost care to your area to minimize your travel time and hassles and maximize the treatment/fitting time.

Convenient Scheduling Options
Limited wait time for office visits and fitting appointments. After office hours and weekend appointments may be available upon request.

Human Technology Devices

We strive to bring the latest technologies available to better serve your needs.

If you have seen or heard about any prosthetic/orthotic devices, chances are that 99% of the time we may have it or have access to that.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We have partnered with some of the newest and most technologically advanced facilities in the country, to bring the state-of-the-art quality and faster services.

Human Technology is strategically placed in order to serve the patients in several areas of the mid-south. We are proud to have helped many people throughout the country and across the world.

Please see a list of our current locations below. Please call, write or check back here frequently for future locations.

Other Location

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